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      The market prospect of glass cosmetics packaging is worth looking forward to

      release time:2020-12-18publisher:

      Cosmetic bottle packaging. For a period of time, PET and acrylic cosmetic bottles have gained great popularity in the field of cosmetic bottle packaging because of the advantages of a large number of plastic materials, and the glass cosmetic bottle market has been greatly affected.

      However, cosmetic bottle packaging is different from other packaging markets. It is not very sensitive to packaging costs. On the contrary, it pays more attention to the appearance of the cosmetic bottle and the temperament it conveys. This aspect is more affected by cosmetic manufacturers and consumers. Pay attention to the fact that with the development of the cosmetics market, more and more cosmetics companies want to make efforts in the high-end market. In such a market environment, the packaging advantages presented by cosmetic bottles are much higher than plastic cosmetic bottles.

      At the same time, as a traditional packaging form, glass cosmetic bottles are more conducive to glass cosmetic bottles, whether it is the manufacturer’s inherent filling line or the consumer’s usage habits. Therefore, the market prospect of glass cosmetic bottle packaging is still worth looking forward to, and manufacturers should Do more.


      Source: News Editorial Department of Global Glass Network (www.glass.cn)